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Piehawk Outpost

Piehawk Outpost Bandana

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Bandanas — an iconic symbol of the American West. 

There’s a reason bandanas have been a wardrobe staple for centuries. They are timeless and serve many purposes for the wearer. 

Wear them around your neck to shield you from the elements. Dunk it in a stock tank or creek to cool yourself down on a sweltering summer day.  
Use it to catch your horse if you find yourself without a halter, or to collect your farm fresh eggs. Put them in your hair, on your dog, or they can even be used as wall hangings!

+  Made of sturdy but soft 100% cotton, our bandanas will only get better the more you wear and use them.

+  100% American Made 

+ 22 x 22”

Our bandana features a running horse, Indian Paintbrush flower, Sagebrush, hawk, and snake - all are very near and dear to our hearts and hold special meaning. This design is inspired by our life and the beauty we are lucky to encounter and coexist with in the rural West. A few of our favorite hat band patterns are also woven seamlessly into the design to tie everything together. We hope you love these and they serve you well!

Available in six beautiful earth tones:


+ Bone (off white/taupe)

+ Cognac (brown with warm undertones)

+ Tobacco (brown with neutral undertones)

+ Canyon (clay with rich, warm undertones)

+ Rust 

+ Sagebrush 


— Artwork by Ellen Walker —